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FrequentlyAsked Questions

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Moovmor Products are available worldwide. Contact us for your nearest Distributor.

Yes Moovmor can provide Training on the safe use of all makes and models of Compactors and Balers, and of course our own Product Range. All Training is Certified and a training certificate provided.

Generally our Systems are supplied on a plug and play basis – with minimal additional works required. Depending on the product it will be necessary to have an Engineer on site to complete the machine assembly. It really depends on your own skill level and if you have the necessary equipment on site for installation. For Large and Complex Systems we recommed that you avail of a Moovmor Installation Package.

Yes Moovmor can organise the complete installation of your New Compactor and Baler, including Crane Hire. We provide all the necessary Safety Documentation and Planning to complete your installation of your new Baler or Compactor in the safest way.

Moovmor Head Office and Manufacturing Plant is located in Kildare Ireland. We export Globally through our Distribution Partners. Get in touch to find out your nearest point of contact.

Bale Cardboard can be sold as a commodity, so instead of your waste cardboard costing you money to dispose of – you can turn your waste into revenue.

If you are employing a resource on a full-time basis just to handle your waste plastic and cardboard streams – then you need to consider a more automated method of processing.  

A Vertical Baler takes up a small footprint of space, and requires a lot of manual interaction, and is generally loaded by hand. A horizontal baler takes up a larger footprint but is more automated and requires minimal human interaction. It can be loaded using a wheelie bin tipper, rotating forklift, or simply throw it in and go.  

Lots of different types of materials can be baled. Generally, people bale Cardboard, Plastic and Foam. If you have a special material you want to bale please get in touch and we can do exploratory trials to see how different materials bale.  

Yes, we do. We can supply you with your Baling Tape and Baling Wire requirements for all make and models of equipment. 

Yes, we do. We service all makes and models of Balers and Compactors.

Compactors help to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the volume of space that the waste takes up and therefore reducing the number of truck movements required to dispose of your waste, which ultimately saves on carbon and helps protect the environment.

If you are having to have your wheelie bins emptied multiple times per week or if you have vast numbers of wheelie bins you should consider a review of your waste processes and investment in the appropriate type of equipment. Moovmor can supply very small compactors right up to the largest transpaker – so there is a model to suit you within our range.  

A Portable Compactor is an All-in-One Unit which has the Container Built onto the Compactor – they do not separate apart and when the truck comes to take away the waste they remove the entire unit and then return it to you once it has been emptied. 

A Static Compactor attaches to a separate Container and only the Container is taken away to be emptied – the Compactor piece remains on site at all times and is not movable as it is bolted to the ground. 

Standard Portable Compactors are suitable for a small amount of Wet Waste, however for large volumes of Wet Waste Material we have the RPW30 which is specifically designed to handle Wet Waste.

For Food Waste we recommend a Portable Compactor. As it is an All-in-One Unit it means that there are no spillages from the container when the truck arrives to empty it. With a static compactor, because the compactor detaches from the container a small amount of waste can escape from the hole in the Container during the removal process (which is called Pinning Off) 

For Apartment and High Rise Office Blocks we have developed a Mini Compactor the SC1000 which can compact all your different waste streams into Containers made to suit your area, which can then be hauled offsite by your Waste Contractor. These small balers can be fed by Hand, by Wheelie Bin or if you have a chute system installed – directly from the chute.  

Yes. Moovmor are customisation experts and nothing is impossible. Contact us to discuss your requirements further

Yes we can. We have designed and built compactors and balers to fit into unusual spaces so please get in touch.

Yes we can arrange to visit your site to discuss your requirements.

Yes we have a full Engineering Department which can provide Site Layout Drawings of the proposed equipment. This gives you an idea of the space the equipment will take up and the best location for the equipment.

it makes sense to make yours a MoovmorPlease get in touch