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For over 30 years, Moovmor have provided our customers with premium quality, waste handling solutions. In that time we have continued to innovate and expand our range on a regular basis to ensure we can meet even the most unique requests from our customers.

waste Balers

We offer an extensive range of horizontal and vertical balers to clients worldwide. No matter your requirements, we have the right baler for you, designed and manufactured to the highest performance standards. Our baler equipment is very versatile and durable meaning you can compress waste quickly and easily, with the knowledge that all our equipment is built to last a lifetime. Some of our balers have been in operation for over 30 years and have proven to save both time and money for our customers. With a wide range of features and ability to compress various materials, Moovmors speciality balers can help you to optimise your waste and recycling disposal.

Maximum efficiencyLow maintenanceLow noise emissionLow energy consumption

Waste Balers Horizontal

The Moovmor horizontal waste baler range are ideal for a wide range of industry, including commercial, manufacturing and industrial.

Waste Balers Vertical

The Moovmor vertical waste baler range are ideally suited to businesses who produce a relatively small amount of waste such as hospitality or in retail.

Speciality Balers

The Moovmor speciality waste baler range were manufactured to handle materials such as foam and expanded polystyrene.

waste Compactors

For the efficient management of waste disposal, we offer a range of compactor solutions. All our equipment is designed to last, meaning they are manufactured using the toughest materials to ensure the highest specification and quality possible.

Compactors are ideally suited to companies that produce medium to large waste volumes. They can accommodate a wide range of materials such as wet waste, mixed waste & dry waste. Compactors reduce waste volume, leading to fewer waste collections which not only lowers costs, but it is more environmentally friendly. All our equipment can be provided as a standard option or can be customised to meet specific requirements for your business, including waste types, loading style, space available and more.

Waste Compactors Portable

The Moovmor portable waste compactor range are considered one of the strongest and robust on the market, ideal for compacting general waste, cardboard, plastic packaging and mixed recyclables.

Waste Compactors Static

The Moovmor static waste compactor range is suitable for areas with large volumes of compacted waste on a regular basis.

Waste Compactors Transfer

The Moovmor Transfer waste compactor series are considered one of the strongest and robust on the market. The series consists of 3 machines which cover a wide range of requirements.

Speciality recycling equipment

Moovmor are the leaders in the manufacture of speciality recycling equipment such as traversing systems, forklift bin tippers, wheelie bin tippers, tip and wash systems, as well as speciality balers for large and small volumes of polystyrene waste. We supply a wide range of business with speciality recycling equipment to meet their unique needs and requirements. If you have a specific request, we can also work with you on the design and manufacture of bespoke equipment. Hand crafted, using the toughest materials to produce some of the most durable equipment on the market.

Speak with an expert today to discuss your speciality recycling equipment requirements.

Speciality Bin Lifters

Moovmor offer a complete range of Bin Lifting Systems - both Mobile and Fixed Systems. With two standard Bin Lifters in the Range, we also have the capability to design and manufacture to your exact lifting requirements.

Speciality Drum Crusher

Moovmor have within their product range both standard and customised drumcrushers. Our Standard Unit is a VDC200 which is designed to crush a Single Drum at a time. The Fully Automatic Unit is designedto crush 4 Units at a time and is designed to crush high volumes of drums. Moovmor Drum Crushers can also be supplied as fully ATEX Certified Explosion Proof Units.

Speciality Drum Pack System

The Moovmor VDP200 is designed to pack material into a single drum at a time. Moovmor have supplied these units across a wide range of industries, from pharmaceutical to nucluer fuel industries. The Units can be supplied as Standard or as certified ATEX Rated units.

Traversing System

Traversing Systems are ideal for when maximum payloads are required with minimum downtime. Containers are swapped out by the traversing carraige, so you don't suffer any downtime waiting for a truck to arrive to move the full container. Operations can continue seemlessly.

Wheelie Bin Tipper and Washing

Moovmor have designed a specialist wheelie bin tipper and wash system, that lifts 2 small wheelie bins or one large wheelie bin at a time and once the contents are tipped, high pressure nozzles move into position and rinse out the inside of the wheelie bin.

Forklift Bin Tipper

The Moovmor Forklift Wheelie Bin Tipper is the ideal solution for decanting bins into skips without manual handling. The forklift mounted tipper grabs the wheelie bin and the operator can operated the tipping system from within the cab. Available for a wide range of wheelie bin sizes.

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If you have any questions related to our product range and / or its suitability for your particular project then please get in touch. We will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

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