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Moovmor Bin Lift – Standard

Our Standard Bin Lifter tips in over 1450mm off ground – and can be designed to suit a wide range of bins. There are two typical arrangements for lifting and tipping – the Comb Style and the Trunnion Style. The comb style Mechanism is designed to pick up the bins from the front lip, whereas the trunnion style lifter picks the bins up by lifting lugs placed on the side of the wheelie bins. Moovmor Bin Lifters can also be designed to interface with dolav bins and specialised cart with optional fork attachments or bucket style lifters also available. Standard Moovmor Bin Lifters are designed to lift a SWL of 450kg, this SWL can be upgraded if required. So regardless of what style of cart, container or bin you need to tip a Moovmor Bin Lifter can tip it for you.

Moovmor Bin Lift – High Level Bin Lifter

Our High Level Bin Lifter tips in over 2400mm to 2650mm Off Ground – and can be designed to suit a wide range of bins

Moovmor Bin Lift – Customised Bin Lifter

Moovmor are world leaders in Bin Lifter design and development. Moovmor have developed various specialised bin lifters to tip in excess of 4m high. These are gear box driven systems which can take the required bins or containers up several levels in one smooth fast action and tip fully into the awaiting reception container. Traversing options are also available where the Bin Lifter can travel sideways across a defined range to tip into large reception vehicles. Moovmor Bin Lifters can be designed to suit your exact requirements.


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