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VDC 200 Model Standard & Atex

The Moovmor VDC200 is a vertical drum crushing system designed to crush steel drums one at time, reducing the steel drum in height to a 100 – 150mm steel disc. The unit is designed with piercer points in the crush head to pierce and expel any air contained within the drum making the drum easier to crush. ATEX explosion proof units are also available for those locations that are sensitive to sparks and ignition points. The Moovmor VDC 200 has a proven track record in been a long lasting and robust unit, crushing drums for decades.

UDC 500 

The Moovmor UDC 500 was specifically designed for a client to crush 400 200L steel drums per day. It is an automatic system, with the drums been loaded by fork lift four at a time into the drum crush chamber. From there the drums are crushed into disks 100- 150mm high and then automatically ejected out of the drum crush chamber into a sealed portable container for the waste contractor to remove for disposal. The drum crush chamber then opens to await the next 4 drums. This unit has saved our client a considerable amount of revenue both in terms of overall operational efficiency, a reduction in disposal costs, a massive reduction in carbon footprint, and the reclamation of real estate space which had previously been used for storage of the drums. So if you’re having a drum problem, talk to Moovmor, the drum crushing experts.


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