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HX400-38tHorizontal Waste Baler

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The HX-400 Waste Baler

As with all Moovmor Products the HX400-38T is a heavy duty robust baler with shear blades, cutting knives and full bale eject as standard—making it ideal for handling a diverse range of waste materials with installations in operation handling cardboard, plastics, drinks cans, drums, foam and shredded paper. Bale tying is carried out from the end and with the slotted end door there is no setting up of wires. The Moovmor HX400-38TT Model Baler is suitable for fitting out with a range of loading options to suit each clients individual needs.

HX400-38TTechnical Specifications

Specification HX400-38T
Bale Size (Normal H x W X L)750 x 750 x 1200 mm
Bale Weight (Up to & Material Dependant)400 Kgs
Motor Power5.5 kW, 32A
Power Supply3 PH + E + N, 400V, 50Hz
Wire Tying (Horizontal Tying4 TIE SLOTS
Baling wire holder (optoinal tape holder)STD
Compaction pressure – Up to (Tonnes)38T
Standard cycle & fast cycle optionFROM 37 – 58 SECONDS
Additional power pack optionsN/A
Overall length5790 mm
Overall width (excluding hopper)1250 mm
Weight (approximately)5,500 kg


Side view of a moovmor waste baler


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