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More Power • Less Waste

Skippaker Portable Compactor

The Moovmor Skippaker Portable Compactor is the ideal solution for when space is at a premium but the need for a fully contained waste disposal solution is high. The Skippaker takes up no more than your average car parking space and is the ideal solution for retail, restaurants and food service facilities.

Rolopak Portable Compactor

The Moovmor RoloPak Portable Compactor Series are considered one of the strongest and robust on the market. With its large charge box and powerful packing force it is ideal for compacting general waste, cardboard, plastic packaging and mixed recyclables. A wide range of fit-out options are available to further enhance its capabilities.

Rolopak Wet Waste Compactor

The Moovmor RPW30 Portable Compactor is designed for specifically compacting Wet Waste Material. Using a Swing Blade Packing Mechanism it prevents Wet Waste from creeping back behind the packing blade. This type of mechanism as generally considered a Self Cleaning Compactor.

Standard FeaturesFor all portable Compactors

Pre Full / bin full

Standard on all Moovmor Compactors to notify you when your compactor container requires emptying.

rear door

To prevent liquid residue from escaping.


Standard on all Moovmor Compactors.


All Moovmor Compactors are suitable for operation both indoors and outdoors, and are have weatherproof control panels IP65 rated.

eco power

Moovmor Compactors have been designed with sustainability in mind, and all feature low power consumption motors to assist in reducing your carbon footprint.

Galvanised Clamps
& Hooks

To keep your container securely closed and looking good, each Compactor is fited with galvanised Hooks & Clamps, so you never have to worry about rust again.

Top Hinged
Rear Door

All Portable Compactors are fitted with a Top Hinged Rear Door considered the safer option in rear doors. Side Hinged Rear Doors are available upon request.

Built to
CHEM Standards

All Moovmor Equipment is built to the CHEM Standards.


All Moovmor Equipment is CE Certified .


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