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RPw30 RolopakPortable Compactor

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RPW30 Wet Waste Portable Compactor  

The Moovmor Rolopak Wet Waste Compactor is designed specifically where high volumes of liquid residue forms part of the waste. The Compactor operates on a swing blade mechanism which assists in keeping the liquids away from the “engine” of the compactor, ensuring a longevity of the hydraulic and electrical components. The RPW can be fitted with drain off valves to assist in removal of the excess liquid into an appropriate discharge point.

RPw30 RolopakTechnical Specifications

Compaction Force @ 200 bar (tonnes) 33
motor power (kW)5.5 kW, 16A
Power Supply3 PH + E + N, 400V, 50Hz or single phase 230v
STD factory set cycle time (secs)56
charge box volume (m³)1.5
chem volume per stroke (m³) 0.72
Cylinder Bore (mm)100 x 2
compactor length (mm)6800
compactor width (mm)2410
compactor height (mm)2810
charge box loading height (mm)1500
chamber width (mm)1500
chamber length (mm)1380
chamber height (mm)1200
compactor weight (kg)4850


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