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HX Foam BalerHorizontal Baler

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HX Foam Baler

Moovmor have for many years produced balers specifically for baling foam. The Moovmor HX Foam Baler is adept at baling many types of foams, PU, PE, HDPE have all been successfully baled using the Moovmor HX Foam Baler. Foam has always been considered a difficult material to bale but not so with the Moovmor HX Foam Baler which has been specifically designed to cope with the rigorous demands of Foam baling. The Moovmor HX Foam Baler is a must for the foam conversion industry reducing operational costs significantly by reducing the volume of this difficult material providing you with substantially reduced costs in transportation and disposal.

HX Foam BalerTechnical Specifications

Specification HX foam baler
Bale Size (Normal H x W X L)750 x 1100 x 1200 mm
Bale Weight (Up to & Material Dependant)500 Kgs
Feed opening (NOMINAL: L x W)1250 x 1050 mm
Motor Power5.5 kW, 32A
Power Supply3 PH + E + N, 400V, 50Hz
Noise Level80 d BA
Wire Tying (Horizontal Tying)4 TIE SLOTS
Baling wire holder (optoinal tape holder)STD
Bale Counter & Hours Run FeatureSTD
Compaction pressure – Up to (Tonnes)38T
Standard cycle (seconds) 60 SECONDS
Fast cycle (seconds) 40 SECONDS
Additional power pack optionsN/A
Overall length5790 mm
Overall width (excluding hopper)1600 mm
Weight (approximately)6,500 kg


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