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Our Speciality Recycling Equipment Range

Moovmors range of speciality recycling equipment is fully compliant and fitted with the latest safety features. These models were designed to help customers meet specific needs. We take great pride in listening to the key requirements of our customers, working with them to design and manufacture speciality equipment that helps them to carry out their day to day duties in the most efficient and effective way possible. If you have a unique problem for you waste recycling needs we can guarantee that Moovmors team of experts will have the solution.

Traversing System

Traversing Systems are ideal for when maximum payloads are required with minimum downtime. Containers are swapped out by the traversing carraige, so you don't suffer any downtime waiting for a truck to arrive to move the full container. Operations can continue seemlessly.

Wheelie Bin Tipper and Washing

Moovmor have designed a specialist wheelie bin tipper and wash system, that lifts 2 small wheelie bins or one large wheelie bin at a time and once the contents are tipped, high pressure nozzles move into position and rinse out the inside of the wheelie bin.

Forklift Bin Tipper

The Moovmor Forklift Wheelie Bin Tipper is the ideal solution for decanting bins into skips without manual handling. The forklift mounted tipper grabs the wheelie bin and the operator can operated the tipping system from within the cab. Available for a wide range of wheelie bin sizes.


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