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Industries We Serve

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Moovmor compactors and balers can be found across A wide range of industries ranging from small grocery stores to multinational pharmaceutical plants.

Moovmor equipment knows no limits and our current customers range from supermarkets, ships chandlers, warehousing, large distribution centres, printers, food processing, automotive manufacturing, and high end technology plants.

If you produce waste and recyclable materials in a volume that requires mechanical reduction, Moovmor can provide a solution to meet your exact requirements.

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Moovmor have been suppliers to the distribution industries for years, having previously supplied compactors and balers to distribution centres globally.

We have a deep understanding of the large amount of waste that can be accumulated over a short period of time and the need for an efficient solution to solve this

We will work with your processes and procedures to define the correct solution to your waste requirements. With our vast experience of dealing with multiple waste streams, Moovmor can provide the solution for your general waste, plastics, PET, & HDPE.

By using waste reduction equipment such as compactors and balers, there are huge cost savings to be made, as well as reduction in carbon emissions, as by compacting and baling waste you reduce the number of truck movements required to dispose of the waste.

Moovmor truly understand the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry with waste reduction equipment installed on all the major pharmaceutical sites in Ireland.

Each project is designed to align with the plants operational procedures and are fully customised to maximise the sites operational efficiency. We have supplied compactors, balers, stillages, waste handling equipment such as bin lifters, as well as specialised ATEX certified explosion proof drum packers and drum crushers, and are proud to say we have been providing peace of mind to the pharmaceutical industry since 1986.
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manufacturing equiptment

Moovmor have supplied compactors and balers to A large variety of manufacturing industries globally.

Heavy duty robust solutions that compact all waste streams into large containers. Minimising truck movements. Maximising resources.

Compactors and balers have been successfully integrated into fully automated waste rooms, where the waste stream is transported to the compactor robotically. We have successfully installed systems to compliment and function without fault, keeping the facility online and in full production.

Moovmor have also installed compactors and balers and ancillary equipment such as bin lifters into clean room environments. We developed foam baling equipment for specifically baling foams such as polyurethane PU and polyethylene PE foams. All Moovmor equipment can be integrated with other equipment such as shredders, conveyors and perforators.

Moovmor compactor and baler systems can be found in household recycling centres and local authority transfer stations across numerous locations.

We have worked closely with architects and engineers of household recycling centres in order to design the most efficient site for the public to interact with in the disposal of their waste and recyclables into the appropriate waste reduction equipment on site.

Generally, household recycling centres are split level with the public accessing the upper level to deposit the waste and recyclables into separate hoppers which feed into compactors and containers located on the lower level.

In some cases large transfer compactors with traversing containers are located on the lower level to allow the public to directly load the hoppers with bulky green and general waste.

Large transfer compactors and balers have been utilised in local authority depots for the onward bulk transfer of materials for further processing or final disposal. Moovmor have been leaders in local authority supply since 1986 providing quality equipment along with concept and design advice.

Waste Management Equipment At A Waste Facility Site
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Moovmor have supplied many compactors and balers to the food processing industry. Wet waste in the food processing industry is a serious challenge....but not for Moovmor.

We have developed a Wet Waste Portable Compactor to deal with the pain of the large volume of residue liquid produced. The unit can contain the excess water and as it is an all-in-one unit, odours and spillages upon removal for disposal do not occur. The special packing mechanism means that rogue liquids do not seep back into the hydraulic system of the machine which can become worn and damaged by excess liquids. This means that the lifespan of the machine is increased, as well as an increase in operational efficiency due to decreased downtime. Other solutions for the food industry include the Moovmor automated drum crusher, ideal for companies with high volumes of drums in circulation. The Moomvor automated drum crusher can crush up to 400 drums per day. Moovmor have been providing innovative solutions to the food processing industry for decades so you can be assured that a waste reduction solution from Moovmor can meet the rigorous demands of your industry.

Moovmor have a comprehensive range of smaller compactor and baler systems ideally suited to the retail sector.

Our balers can be found in retail stores across Europe. Our vertical baler range is ideally suited for store room baling operations of both plastics and cardboard. Where space is a premium, all Moovmor balers are designed to be located outdoors – so can assist you in freeing up valuable floor space.

As all Moovmor compactor and baler units are robustly built they are a long lasting machine, with low maintenance and are extremely user friendly. The longevity of a Moovmor compactor or baler ensures that you achieve an excellent return on investment. Moovmor have compactor and balers to suit your facility regardless of size, and are competitively priced to ensure that you can have a premium quality baler or compactor from us at an affordable price. We are here to work with you to ensure that you have the best solution for your business.

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