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SC1000 MiniStatic Waste Compactor

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SC1000 Mini

The Moovmor SC1000 Series is a specialist Mini Waste Compactor system designed with a high ram face pressure combined with baler type shear blades. The SC1000 Model is purpose made for locations with restricted access such as underground car parks, basements etc. Where waste volumes are high but the use of conventional equipment is not an option. The 1000 Series can be loaded by hand or chute fed and may have weighing tipping & GSM features included.

SC1000 MiniTechnical Specifications

Compaction Force @ 200 bar (tonnes) 10
motor power (kW)4 kW
STD factory set cycle time (secs)31
Fast cycle option (secs)18 (Option)
charge box volume (m³)0.25
chem volume per stroke (m³) 0.20
Packing Ram Penetration (mm)300
cycle for single phase power pack option (secs)45
4 m³ container dimensions L x W x H2240 x 1300 x1720
6 m³ container dimensions L x W x H3350 x 1300 x 1720


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