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VerticalWaste Balers

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Saving your space

Vertical Waste Baler Machine Range

Moovmor’s vertical waste baler machine range are high quality, heavy duty systems known for their reliability and long lifespan. Suitable for indoor or outdoor operation and easy to use, designed with the operator in mind. Producing a packing force of 7-36 Tonnes, with a fast cycle ranging from 36-42 seconds. Our vertical baler range produces high density mill sized cardboard bales from 100Kgs to 520Kgs & plastic bales from 70Kgs to 600Kgs. Finished bales from the small cardboard baler can be tied using wire or tape. Moovmors Vertical Baler range has everything from entry level balers to more heavy duty balers for larger waste volumes. All our balers feature low power consumption motors to assist in reducing your carbon footprint.

Balemaster 100

The Balemaster 100 is the ideal entry level baler. Taking up less than a pallet space of floor space this mighty little Baler will help keep your store room clean and tidy. Creating bales of Plastic and Cardboard and minimising your Wheelie Bin Collections and Waste Disposal Costs.

Balemaster 200

The Balemaster 200 is our mid range vertical Baler. Making Bales of up to 200kg in weight depending on the material, like the Balemaster 100 it takes up minimal space but creates maximum benefits of a cleaner working environment and reduced waste disposal costs.

Balemaster 500

The Balemaster 500 is the largest of our Vertical Balers and is designed for where volumes are higher and a mill sized bale is required. The Balemaster 500 is a heavy duty robust baler creating bales of up to 500kg in weight depending on Material.

Standard FeaturesAnd Options all Vertical waste balers


Standard on all Moovmor Vertical Waste Balers.

Full Bale

All Moovmor Balers are designed to fully eject each bale. This allows the operator to bale different materials each time a bale is completed.

Bale full indicator

All Moovmor Balers are supplied with Bale Full Indicator Lamps as standard.

indoor / outdoor

All Moovmor Balers are suitable for operation both indoors and outdoors, and are have weatherproof control panels IP65 rated.


Moovmor Balers have been designed with sustainability in mind, and all feature low power consumption motors to assist in reducing your carbon footprint.

2 Hand
Bale Eject

Safely eject bales using the two-hand ejection system.


All Moovmor Equipment is CE Certified .


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