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More Power • Less Waste

Our Drum Crushers Range

Moovmor’s range of steel drum crushers are capable of crushing standard 205L steel drums one at a time or four at a time, in a safe and efficient manner and to a height of 100-150mm. ATEX explosion proof units also available. Save time, space & money by investing in a robust drum crusher system, proven to have a long life span, crushing drums for decades. Whether you need to crush a small or large quantity of drums per day, we have the right drum crusher for you.

UDC 500 Automatic Drum Crusher

The UDC 500 is a Fully Automated Drum Crusher designed to crush 4 drums at a ttime and then to auto eject the crushed discs into a container. No manual handling required as all the drums are placed by forklift into the crush chamber. The forklift driver simply preses start and go.

VDC 200 Model Standard & Atex

The Moovmor VDC 200 is a vertical drum crusher designed to crush drums to a fraction of their original size. The VDC200 is available with standard electrical components, or for a hazardous environment, ATEX approved components are provided.


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