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MTP4000-65TTransfer Waste Compactor

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The Moovmor MTP4000-65T is a 4 Cubic metre swept volume transpaker with a 2m long x 2m wide charge box and a 1m high packing ram. Together with a 900mm ram penetration the MTP4000 Model is the popular choice for large industries and recycling centres. The MTP4000 can be installed at ground level complete with hydraulic clamps to interface with Ro/Ro Containers or supplied complete with subframe for compacting into ejector type trailers.

MTP4000-65TTechnical Specifications

Specification MTP4000-65T
Overall Main Body Length (mm)6,430
Charge Box Length (mm)


Packing Ram Penetration (mm)900
Overall Main Body (mm)1,470
Charge Box Height1,200
Pak Ram Height (mm)1,000
Hopper Upstand Height (mm)250
Overall Main Body Width Excluding Clamps (mm)2,166
Charge Box Width (mm)2,000
Charge Box Volume (m³)4.8
Charge Box Swept Volume (m³)4
Dry Run Auto Cycle Time – STD/ Fast Cycle (FC) (secs)73 / FC
Theoretical Throughput Per Hour (m³) 197 / FC
System Running Pressure (Adjustable) – Tonnes55
Maximum Boost Pressure – tonnes65
Max Face Pressure – PSI47
CylInder Bore (mm)200
Power Pack Drive – Standard / Fast Cycle (secs)15 / FC


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