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Drum Crusher

Results in huge cost saving for rowsehoney leading producer of honey


A solution for handling 400 Empty steel, 200l drums


Industry: Food Processing
Location: United Kingdom
Machine Needed: Custom Drum Crusher

In Mid 2015 Moovmor Engineering were approached by Rowse Honey a leading honey producer in the UK to provide them with a solution to deal with handling approximately 350 empty steel drums (200L).

Rowse Honey were experiencing a number of issues in relation to the drums. Noticeably the number of man hours involved, the space which the drums consumed in the yard, and the high costs of the haulage of the empty drums offsite for disposal. Rowse Honey were hand loading the drums into an enclosed Ro/Ro container which the waste recycler collected 6 times per day.


A fully automatic drum crushing system

Moovmor designed a fully automatic drum crushing system that allowed for the drums to be placed four at a time onto a steel pallet which is then placed directly into the drum crusher chamber. The drum crusher then ejects the steel pallet from the drum crush chamber ready for collection by the fork lift for re-use. The drum crusher then crushes the four drums into discs and then ejects the crushed drums directly into the enclosed Ro Ro container.

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This design eliminated the majority of the handling and reduced labour resources from 3 personnel to 1 Person. Rowse Honey have now a Safer Cleaner Yard in which to maneuver as it is now no longer chockablock with empty drums.

Most notably it reduced the waste recycler truck collections from 6 per day right down to 1 collection per day. Needless to say the cost savings are significant, so much so that Rowse Honey projected that they would receive payback on the drum crusher within 22 weeks based on the truck collections savings alone.


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